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About AV Brain Health

At AV Brain Health, we are proud to introduce a unique service to the Antelope Valley community. All services provided are administered by skilled clinicians with evidence-based training and extensive knowledge in the area of brain health, interpersonal violence, and mental healthcare. We provide psychological services including therapy, cognitive and psychological testing, neurofeedback, and anger management.

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Our Mission!

At AV Brain Health our emphasis is on rehabilitation. Acquiring a diagnosis is devastating on survivors and their families. Although, a diagnosis is helpful, it is only the beginning. Allow us at AV Brain Health to help you with education, transition, and lend you hope to improve your quality of life. Invest in your brain to create a healthy lifestyle, gain confidence, and create a new you. You deserve it!

Invest in your brain! The most important network to preserve.





Therapy Services

We provide individual therapy services. We can also combine talk therapy with neurofeedback. We provide student support therapy for students completing an educational program as well.


Neuropsychological Testing and Cognitive Screening

If you have concerns about your memory or cognitive function please schedule a consultation for testing or a cognitive screening.



Neurofeedback is a non-medication alternative treatment for a wide range of conditions such as; post-traumatic stress, brain injury, major depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD, and chronic pain.


Anger Management Private- Court Approved

Anger is a necessary emotion in life. However, some of us confuse Anger with Rage. Come and learn about anger and your brain, learn coping skills, and build better relationships.

Anger Management groups are open to youth and adults that want to participate. Volunteer anger management is often shorter sessions. Court requirement of Anger Management group participation is based on judges request. Please call for individual intake and documentation set up.


Veteran Psychological Services

Dr. Martinez is a veteran herself and personally provides cognitive rehabilitation and neurofeedback services to veterans at 50% discount. Always heard, understood, and acknowledged! Thank you for your courage and service!


Psychological Testing

Psychological testing and evaluation consists of a series of psychological tests that can assist with determining the cause of psychological symptom(s) and/ or disorders. This can help determine the correct diagnosis and recommended follow up for an appropriate course of treatment.


Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation is a brain smart program created for people suffering from brain injury, cognitive decline, and stroke. The program allows for a baseline and constant improvement evaluations.


Brain Program for Domestic Violence Survivors

Acquired brain injury is a reality for women in physically abusive relationships. Acquired brain injury is being overlooked in shelter population and services. Call to get information...

Call 661-349-7139 to schedule an appointment!

"Super Bills" will be provided for possible insurance reimbursement.
We also offer services outside of insurance (cash pay).

Our Team


Our Team


Dr. Nancy Martinez, PsyD CBIS

Chief Executive Officer and Psychological Associate

PSB94023958; under the supervision of Dr. Donna Redmayne, PhD PSY20677

Dr. Martinez is a bilingual clinician with 12+ years of experience in mental healthcare services. She has a unique psychobiological perspective and uses a combination of CBT therapy with neurofeedback services when necessary. She has experience working with veterans, interpersonal violence, anger management, brain injury, chemical dependency disorders, and experience working with psychiatric populations.

Dr. Martinez provides the majority of psychological services at AV Brain Health. She is also a veteran. All veterans or military personnel are Heard, Understood, and Acknowledged. HUA... Thank you for your courage and service!

Clinical Specialties:
Traumatic Brain Injury, Testing and Evaluation, Addiction, Anger Management, Interpersonal Violence, 8+ years of experience working with interpersonal violence, 10+ years of experience working with community mental healthcare, and Veteran Clinician on staff (Heard, Understood, and Acknowledged).

Brain Injury Specialist Certified by the Brain Injury Association of America, Certified Neurofeedback Specialist, Certified in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, court approved for Anger Management.

Bilingual services (Spanish and English)

More about Dr. Martinez


Brandon Yip, MA PsyD Candidate

Chief Operating Officer

Brandon assists with administrative operations and does not provide psychological services at AV Brain Health. Brandon has been working in the mental health field for over 5 years as an administrator and a clinician. Brandon has experience working with short-term therapy, crisis intervention, suicide and homicidal ideations, threat assessment, psychiatric population, and neuropsychological assessment and testing. Brandon also has expertise in legal and ethical issues in mental health, risk management, and organizational development.

More about Brandon


Dr. Donna Redmayne, PhD

Clinical Supervisor

License Clinical Psychologist PSY20677

Dr. Redmayne provides clinical supervision for AV Brain Health's psychological services. Dr. Redmayne has worked with brain injury, both personally and professionally, for over 30 years. She has extensive training and experience in psychological and neuropsychological assessment, including the assessment of psychological function, traumatic brain injury, stroke, chronic pain evaluations, dementias, and learning disabilities. Dr. Redmayne has a strong background in counseling, using brief and solution-focused therapeutic techniques, as well as more traditional orientations.


Arif Khan

Mental Health Clinical Counselor

Under the supervision of Dr. Donna Redmayne, PhD PSY20677

Arif joins AV Brain Health as a psychological intern. He is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at California Southern University and a thirteen-year veteran of state corrections. He enjoys working with first responders and understands the unique professional work environment that first responders experience.


Sierra Garcia

Neurofeedback Technician

Sierra assists with providing neurofeedback for patients of AV Brain Health. She is currently a nursing student and aspires to help people reach their full potential. She hopes to help others get the most out of their life and finds that that the personal growth of each client is a reward for not just the client, but herself as well.


Lucas McCartor

Neurofeedback Technician

Lucas is a neurofeedback technician at AV Brain Health. He also is a personal trainer, nursing student, and former EMT. He aims to make effective change in the lives of individuals, both physically and mentally.

AV Training Consortium

Coming Soon!


The AV Brain Health Training Consortium for psychology interns (PsyD/ PhD), MFT interns, and LPCC interns provides trainees and interns with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of mental health care settings.

The placement involves a rotation at the following agencies (dependent on availability):
Inpatient unit of AV Hospital
Substance abuse at Lake Hughes Recovery
Therapy and neuropsychological assessments* at AV Brain Health

Currently the AV Training Consortium is in development. Please contact us by e-mail at nancy.brainhealth@outlook.com for more information, or if you would like to become part of the training consortium.

*Note neuropsychological assessments are only available to doctoral psychology interns.

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