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We are proud to introduce a unique service to the Antelope Valley community. All services provided are administered by skilled clinicians with evidence-based training and extensive knowledge in the area of brain health, interpersonal violence, and mental healthcare. We provide psychological services including therapy, cognitive and psychological testing, neurofeedback, and anger management.

Our Mission

Our emphasis is on rehabilitation. Acquiring a diagnosis is devastating on survivors and their families. Although, a diagnosis is helpful, it is only the beginning. Allow us at AV Brain Health to help you with education, transition, and lend you hope to improve your quality of life. Invest in your brain to create a healthy lifestyle, gain confidence, and create a new you. You deserve it! 

Invest in your brain!


The most important network to preserve.




Join the journey to recoveryfrom an acquired brain injury. This group is designed to provide you with education, coping skills, and a support network. 


Wednesdays @ 4:00pm

Brain Health Support Group


Cognitive Screening

If you have concerns about your memory or cognitive function please schedule a consultation for testing or a cognitive screening.



Neurofeedback is a non-medication alternative treatment for a wide range of conditions such as; post-traumatic stress, brain injury, major depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, ADHD, and chronic pain.




AV Brain Health provides cognitive rehabilitation and neurofeedback services to veterans at 50% discount. Always heard, understood, and acknowledged! Thank you for your courage and service!

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Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation is a brain smart program created for people suffering from brain injury, cognitive decline, and stroke. The program allows for a baseline and constant improvement evaluations. 


Coming soon brain Mapping


Brain Program for Domestic Violence Survivors

Acquired brain injury is a reality for women in physically abusive relationships. Acquired brain injury is being overlooked in shelter population and services. Call to get information...


Anger Management Private- Court Approved

Anger is a necessary emotion in life. However, some of us confuse Anger with Rage. Come and learn about anger and your brain, learn coping skills, and build better relationships.


Anger Management groups are open to youth and adults that want to participate. 




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